greetings from the mayor

I have been a resident of New Vienna for nearly 40 years. When I moved here New Vienna was a thriving beautiful village. When hard times hit our county and our country our small village was one area that was hit hard.

The current council and myself are working to bring back our village to the beauty it was before.

We have dedicated village employees and residents who have volunteered their time so we can all work together for the future of our village.


New Vienna Municipal Building
Main Street
New Vienna OH 45159
Phone: 937-987-2477  Fax: 937-987-2479

The Village Council meets the third Monday of the month at 6:30pm.
Residents are welcome to attend.  




Kathi Stone

Council President

Judy Havens

Council Member

Rhonda Crum

Council Member

Jerry Keplinger

Council Member

Dan Mayo

Council Member

Betty Adam

Council Member

Allen Davis

Clerk Treasurer

Karen Gibson



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